In Koders, we help companies to grow by solving their problems using latest technologies and finding most efficient solutions. We also help people to get better at what they do and be the best version of themselves through training courses and consultancy.

So far, we have given training courses to 25+ leading enterprises and 700+ attendees. We can provide training courses and consultancy in following topics and areas:

  • Big Data Applications, Hadoop, Spark and their ecosystem
  • Problems that require the usage of ML&AI technologies and techniques
  • Distributed, highly scalable software architectures
  • Microservices, CD pipeline, AWS and Serverless architectures
  • Agile transformation & coaching
  • Agile engineering practices (TDD, BDD, Refactoring, CI & CD)
  • Scrum adaptation & trainings (SM, PO, Engineering)
  • Software development, Java*, Scala, Groovy, Python, … trainings
  • OOP, design patterns, development best practices
  • Java performance tuning

Download a short list trainings provided by Koders. And please feel free to contact about anything we can help.

Get better. Every day.

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